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It mainly produces permanent flame-retardant textiles, and uses environmental friendly organic phosphorus copolymer flame retardant monomer together with the polyester monomer to  produce modified permanent flame-retardant polyester fiber. The product has good dyeing performance, low smoke and non-toxic when burning,soft and beautiful,and the flame retardant effect will not be decreased after washing for more than 100 times. All products comply with GB17591-2006 and GB20286-2006“Requirements and identification of flame retardant products and components in public places” B1 Standard, French M1, British BS5867-2A, 2B, BS5852, Germany DIN 4102-B1, American children's clothing CFR1615 / 1616, NFPA 701, JISI-1092, etc. This fabric is mainly used for the production of durability and high washing requirements, such as aviation blanket, high-speed rail business blanket, personnel intensive places, such as cinema, high-speed rail, car and other seat covering fabric, interior decoration practical upholstery fabric, etc.

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